PMI achieves specialization in consultancy, management, and administration of pension plans through customization, effective due diligence, and reporting.

In collaboration with each respective client, PMI creates a tailored pension plan to satisfy the unique characteristics and operational efficiencies of the plan sponsor. No two companies are alike, why should your pension plans be?

Effective Due Diligence
PMI goes beyond the required standard of due diligence to perform periodic assessments of the investment platform used to manage the assets of a pension plan and provide our clients with the added comfort of the security of their contributions and settlement of future benefits.

PMI provides customized quarterly reports to plan sponsors, trustees, members, and their beneficiaries. PMI also reports to the necessary regulatory authorities within each jurisdiction plans are registered.

Consultancy services include collaborating with clients to develop and establish a customized employee...
Management services include the provision of overall supervision to all aspects of a pension plan. PMI...
Administration services include the execution and compliance of day-to-day activities with the Trust Deed...
PMI also provides consultancy services for overall retirement planning.